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Anjana Anjani – review

The greatest love stories are between strangers says the tagline, but as a smart alecky comment said, if its not between strangers, it is probably incest ūüėõ Jokes apart, the movie starts out well, with a concept that is novel to atleast Bollywood, two people bent on committing suicide meet at the Brooklyn bridge. And after some unsuccessful attempts at various locations, they decide to give each other time and die together on new year’s eve.

The rest of the movie has the kind of cinematography done-to-death by the Yash Raj banner, namely at foreign locales, actors strutting the best of brands, selling us the dream holiday destinations. There are some good moments between the lead pair, currently the cream of Bollywood. While most of what Priyanka wears is nice, she has started looking a little pale and over made up. Her acting at certain points borders on over the top, look-I-am-so-cheerful. As for Ranbir, he holds his own, like he always does. Certainly not going to be remembered as his best, but one of his hits for sure. Its the kind of movie where only the lead pair is important, there are no characters apart from the two of them that you might remember after the movie gets over. The only thing missing that could have made this a typical Bollywood rom-com is an airport chase sequence, well, its there partially, but disappointingly doesnt quite end at the airport. This Bollywood signature of one of the lead characters realising their love and running a marathon to declare it, must be making foreigners wonder if Indians only realise what they want, after they have almost lost it.

The music has its moments in songs like Hairat, but rest of it also follows the Yash Raj genre of music, the prime example of it being Tumse hi Tumse. In songs like I Feel Good and the title track, there is a distinct Hollywood teen pop feel added to the typical love-all lyrics of typical of Bollywood rom-coms.

All in all, worth watching if you are to spend just around 100-150 bucks, not worth the steep multiplex fares.


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