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Recovering idealist

Initially this blogger thought of naming the blog ‘the recovering idealist’. It was because as she matured, this blogger realised she was falling into the familiar idealism trap. This trap is all about living life pounding tables about idealism, talking about esoteric things and living in a delusion despite reality engulfing you.

But the trap is not just that, the trap plays out in the following ways. One of these is the Devdas mentality. Here the person has locked into some ideal of life which they might not have been able to experience or had for a short while. The trouble is they won’t let go. They fail to see what today’s reality is and keep lamenting the fact that it is not what it should be or used to be. The result is a depressed life troubling themselves and others around them.

The next is the self righteous prick. This guy ‘knows’ what is right and he also ‘knows’ what is wrong. But does he set about righting the wrongs. Heck no. He is the typical rabble rouser. He is never happy with anything  and is always whining about the ‘unfair’ world. He has a fine mind, an intelligent one, which is why he understands the undercurrents of things, but then shouldnt he be part of the change? If you ask him that he would very indignantly tell you that he is a mere observer. If you look at his life also you would find the dichotomy between words and actions. But this person is very self righteous about pointing out flaws of others, of saying how the world should be. An extreme case of this leads us to the third type.

The third type takes up self righteousness to a different level. He feels that his special abilities mean that the world owes him. He also thinks that the difficulty he goes through by engaging with lesser mortals daily makes him eligible for finer things in life. If only, the world was better, if only someone else would change. And so the story goes. This person has a chip on their shoulder and treats the ‘other’ less intelligent, or more practical beings with disdain. This person fills up blogs, letters, conversations pointing out how everything is wrong with everyone else. And God forbid anyone point it out to them that everyone else seems to be progressing while they are still where they are  – complaining.

This blogger has nothing against idealism per se and believes a healthy dose of idealism is needed. The problem is when the idealism makes one divorced from reality and makes one part of the problem rather than the solution. Idealism should actually inspire one to be able to first improve their own outlook in life and spread the goodness around. It is not about just pointing out flaws in everything and grumbling about things. Without action, idealism is just vanity and deluding oneself of one’s own importance and greatness. And no amount of idealism gives one the right to look down upon someone else’s way of life. It works for them, it may not for you, but that doesn’t make them wrong.


About me – Blowing the trumpet

When this blogger was attempting the About me introduction section on this blog,  she did come up with very run of the mill stuff, infact, it truly is one of the most difficult things when one is asked to write about oneself. Suddenly you are tongue tied, because you either realise that you know only what others tell you about yourself, or you know too much and dont know what to keep and what to drop, or you are just blank. But there are generic labels that most netizens tend to use, a list of some of the common types of about me styles :

1. The philosopher : This individual would have quotes of Plato, Socrates, Khalil Gibran, Ghalib and whoever have you talking about the great mystery that life is. Or they would mention how they are a sumtotal of life’s experiences. The would have mysterious quotes about how everything is changeable in life and how they are but a speck in the larger picture of things. You get the drift.

2. The dreamer : Must confess this blogger writes the word in every about me. Now this kind has lyrics of some happy go lucky songs, something trippy and fun too. You would find hearts, roses and flowers also inserted in some such statements. A subset of this type is eternally optimistic and irritatingly cheerful sometimes.

3. The misunderstood geniuses : This kind is delusional, plain and simple. They have sarky, self congratulatory lines about their own genius, mocking the rest of the world for not understanding it. Some of them might be cocky lines from gangster flicks. Others maybe video game taglines. Yet others could be quotes by famous narcissists. On first glance, these about mes make you think the said person is very confident, but go over the more detailed info and you see that there is little evidence to back up the proclaimed genius.

4. The marriage profiles : These are the ones you find on dating/marriage portals. Remember everyone here is struggling to make a good impression. Indian websites would have women talking about fair, homely, well educated girl who is traditional yet modern. If its a guy, he would also have the traditional but with Indian values, but would focus on how he is dutiful, responsible, friendly. Oh, there is also a partner expectation to be filled in there and almost everyone wants an adjusting, someone who respects elders, cooks/earns and the ever present modern with Indian values types. Did we mention that most of these profiles have horrible spelling mistakes too?

5. The star (or the one who thinks they are) : This person has a whole list of cool sounding hobbies, real or fake, on the profile. They are friendly, love parties, bikes, hiking, music, travelling and frequently describe themselves as cool as a cucumber. They probably have pictures alongside of them at some party or Halloween or even bungee jumping (maybe some of these are morphed).

6. The I-have-a-lot-to-say type : Self explanatory. Their profiles are more than a page long and list everything right from the prize they won in kindergarten to the latest compliment they got.

7. The pinstripe type : Almost the opposite of the above. This person mostly only has their name and designation on the About me.

8. The fan club member : This person has his/her screen idol’s pic as their profile pic. They have liked all the pages related to their divine one and might have one of their quotes as their About me and might sometimes even claim a spiritual link. Their posts are frequently about this loved one.

9. The anonymous : The ones with screen names and no identifiable photograph, does that ring a bell? 😛 

If you readers have any other types to add, please do 🙂

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