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New year resolution

My new year resolution this time is slightly different. Its not about going someplace or shedding a vice. Its about listening to myself.

Too often we are caught up in what we ‘should’ be. Too often its about what others ‘perceive’ us as. A lot of times we spend our lives proving or disproving the perception of others. Imagine this, someone tells you or implies that you are useless. You would react in two ways, you would normally react in two ways. One is working hard and being ultra good and disproving them, but finding they still find something or the other to not like about you. Or else you would be so angry that you would go about proving yourself worse than what they think, shock them and mock them. In both cases, you are not listening to yourself, you are listening to them. You are letting your actions and self worth be determined by them.

So what’s the right thing to do. Examine first whether what they say is right, as in is there some room for improvement. If there is make a few changes but stay true to yourself. If your self reflection tells you they are wrongly or unfairly judging you,  just discount everything they say. Its not worth fighting to prove yourself to people. They say you can’t make the blind see. Step back rather than worrying about their perception. Keep doing what you think is right and soon you will find that either the people will move out of your path on their own or you will find a new and better path.

Most importantly, be ready to make the change. So many people stay in situations that subtract from them and stay stuck because they fear they would be seen as failures if they move on. Been there, done that and still trying to move on. Staying on unfulfilled only saps your energy and kills your confidence. It makes you a clone, a corporate or capitalist slave, whichever you prefer. Instead keeping looking within, talk to yourself, listen to yourself and even if it doesn’t happen soon, the fog will clear. Something tells me this year will be the year when all the pain, confusion will end. This will be the year when all the self reflection and the soul searching will yield results. There is no point in staying stuck. They say rats jump out of the sinking ship first, but that doesn’t make those who stay back any holier, sooner or later they meet the same fate. And what do you know, maybe the ship is sinking closer to the shore and then the rat would be the first one to touch land. Point is if a ship is sinking, it doesn’t matter when you drown. Either you plug the leak or you find a plank to sail away. You don’t remain on the deck fighting with the captain or deck hand about what led to the leak or who will plug it.


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