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Fork in the road

Here we are now. Achieved a dream we once had as a child. Did not too great, but not bad either there. And now seems like the time to move on. So do we just go for another version of the same dream or do we take lessons from what didn’t work in this dream and what we still want to achieve on material terms and take the next path.

Forks in the road are very confusing. You know you have to take some road, you can’t keep standing where you are. And yet, standing just there seems quite the thing to do because you are not sure where to go.

What is the time when you decide that you should live more in practical reality and give up on a dream? What is the time when you need to decide that maybe you are better suited for something else? What is the time to know that you are not quitting but making a strategic move to a different path? There are so many questions.

For someone who has lived with passion most of her life, this is a difficult choice. Some say that keep your expectations low and keep things cool. Some say that no matter what trust yourself and keep going ahead. As for me, I dont know what I want, I don’t know if I want to be known as the person who tried hard, for long and then felt vindicated, or just change.


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