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Selling out to capitalism

Someone long ago had said that everyone starts out as a communist in their youth and slowly as the years pass becomes a capitalist. Wonder if that is what is happening to me. They said the reason was as you mature you realise the futility of idealism. I think its probably different. As you mature you also learn to adapt. With adaptation comes conformity or atleast a semblence of it. And capitalism is all about conformity. Capitalism is also an escape mechanism, atleast I find it so. When you typically grow up you realise the fragility of that dream of equal opportunities, you realise the fallacy of hope. So at some level you abandon those efforts and conform to the comfort that money can buy, because you know that is something you can control. We love to be in control, it gives us the opportunity to plan our lives. And so we sell out to capitalism, to retail therapy and other trappings of the economy.

Interestingly, there is one point I would like to disagree with about people becoming capitalist later on. I think all aspiration or the way ambition is defined is pretty much capitalistic. Very few of us dream of getting a good degree and entering social service. We dream of getting a degree and a good job so that we can earn a lot in terms of money and recognition. So arent we already sold to capitalism?

Lets face it, by nature, men and women do something only if they see a benefit in it. Even sacrifice or social service is something you do for yourself, for your own satisfaction that is derived from helping others. The primary motive of any human being is me, myself and this is the reason why capitalism works. Capitalism is all about maximising success as defined by it for yourself. The reason communism or any ‘moderate’ left leaning perspective gets dismissed is also about the human tendency to maintain a status quo. Also like I said earlier, we have adapted to a capitalist world, at long length we have accepted that we need to fall in line with these concepts, that our own concepts made life a little difficult, so when someone else comes charging with idealism, you tend to laugh it off and call it the immaturity of youth. Is it truly that or is it just a mild sadistic conformity that you want to impose on the other?


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