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Peter Pan syndrome

Peter Pan syndrome refers to someone who wants to be young, childlike forever. In a conversation with a friend, recently I was reminded of my own need to be childlike sometimes nee make that a lot of times. While I like the idea of being mature and all that, making decisions is something that I hate, absolutely hate. Simple economic concepts like opportunity cost and diminishing marginal returns are to be blamed for this 😛 Or rather my inability to process them.

So a typical decision in my life goes like this. Situation A is unbearable, it can be replaced by situation B and C. Or we could go straight to Z. Now B is somewhat socially acceptable compared to C, so B looks good but then B is also an option not easy to get. So someone might say then go for C if C is accepting you. But then C is not that great in the public eye, though who knows C might just work out for me. On and on this thought process goes as I cannot figure out the opportunity cost. Meanwhile the diminishing marginal returns at A are a pain in the you know what. Finally tired of making decisions and all the stress I put myself to, I think Z, which is unlike any of A, B or C is the good thing. Then comes the fear, oh no, have never done anything like Z or comes the reality that Z is really not my cup of tea, its more like I don’t know where A, B or C are taking me.

Round and round goes the merry go round and I end up wishing, heck why did I grow up at all? It was so easy in my time as a kid because parents were the ones who even chose your clothes (primarily because kids my generation were a little less brand conscious and believed parents knew it all) and not just that the problem of choice never arose back then, simply because there were hardly one or two options. Now suddenly its not just up to you to make all choices, there are freaking too many. The fear of either losing out on something better that might come up makes it tougher to choose. I guess I understand why there are so many commitment phobes in our generation, its easier to stay in limbo and not wrack your head with choices, rather than choose something and take responsibility when it goes wrong. After all, how long can you blame other things, people? (Yes, yes, I have taken your advice seriously, no more of what I was taught to do, only what I need to do now)

So Peter Pan has to acknowledge that he has grown up and he can’t reverse the clock and now that everyone knows he has grown up, he has to behave like one (you know that is the tough part, we can grow up but behaving like one is so tough also because who decides what is grown up behaviour?). But Peter Pan thinks, hey I dont look like it, or hey can I just keep going back and forth? Its funny that Peter Pan does everything else in a grown up manner except when it comes to making difficult decisions. (tsk tsk, that is the most important part of growing up no?)


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