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The curious case of Cheesychic

For the first time, I have been realising that people view me much differently than I view myself. The last week has been full of such realisations. My stand in a lot of life situations used to be I am not ok, you are ok. Heck was I wrong!

So many hours I have wasted thinking that I was doing, being something wrong and all for naught. Turns out I was always the better one off in most interactions, I just approached them feeling I wasn’t. Heck, how much of a poor little rich girl type syndrome is that.

People have done things to impress, hidden things to keep me happy, tweaked things to present the ‘right’ picture to me, even let me conclude so that I could get what I wanted. People have always wanted something, and instead of seeing that as a compliment, I either felt pressurised or I felt inferior. Well people only come to you if they think you have something better and my only crime is foolishness of not realising this. I chose to believe people who would exacerbate this fallacy too. After all, some of those who want something from you, want to act as if they don’t and what better way than to make you feel less than so that you give it up on your own. Foolish, foolish, really foolish I know. How did I get to this point even? I was a more self assured kid than this, growing up made me lose perspective, heck. Quite a reverse case I am, was wiser as a kid. But better late than never, atleast I know now.


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