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Seeking validation

Always been my downfall this trait. I slogged my you know what off to always be acceptable. School topper, girl who followed all conventions, traditional Indian girl, the works. Got out of home to get to the cosmopolitan big city and all that had to change to be accepted to the new definitions of acceptable. Now acceptable was pseudo-modern, pseudo-liberal and all other pseudos you can think of. One has to be very careful about not becoming truly modern, liberal and all that, because then people called you communist or rebellious or all talk and no action etc etc. The key word in the corporate world is status quo, all progress, all development, everything has to happen without challenging the status quo. The status quo stays, you may leave.

The trouble with seeking validation is that you are living your life for others. What’s in all of this for you? The moment you have reached a particular point, the goal posts are shifted. You are forever adjusting yourself, forever trying to fit in and nothing is a right fit. Most of your life is spent in trying to seek approval, parents’ approval, boss’ approval, spouse’s approval and the cycle goes on. You pass through each day with a distinct feeling of having not done enough. Oh, by the way you are not supposed to think this much either, its not cool.

Question is, is this the way it will always be?


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One thought on “Seeking validation

  1. “The moment you have reached a particular point, the goal posts are shifted.” I totally get this line. Living for others is a sign of weakness? Or of spiritual/mental/emotional strength? Is it seen as gullibility or as sweet sacrifice? I don’t know. Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t care too. After all, it’s not cool to think too much. 😉

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