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I refuse

All my childhood, I was a yes girl. I morphed myself, changed myself, fitted circles into squares and did whatever it takes to just buy peace and keep things nice for everyone but me. But not much was made of all the contributions I made and in the end when it was my turn to ask for help, I was on my own. I refuse to do that anymore.

I refuse to bow down just because you think that’s the way things should be. I have as much of a right to my reality as anyone else.

I refuse to deny my feelings or my view of things because it is uncool, uncomfortable for you or any other reason. I choose to live my life as my own person.

I refuse to abandon my principles so that you can live with your illusions.

I refuse to be drawn into a conversation where you question my way of coping with things.

I refuse to acknowledge your judgement of how  I should react to the world around me.

I have had enough of being told what to do or how to be. This is who I am, not the child you imagined, not the colleague you want, not the yes man who you are comfortable with. Yes, this could mean that you will become more difficult around me, this could mean that you find that you dont have any use of me anymore, this could mean that the whole foundation of things is wrong. But I refuse to pretend anymore that things are better than they actually are.


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