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The gift of desperation

They say desperation makes you figure out newer ways of doing things and better solutions for your problems. But I have found desperation probably leads to more problems than it solves. Some people work better under pressure but for most of us it brings out the worst in us.

New age theories of manifestation of desires also talk about how desperation and impatience could actually delay what you want from coming to you. Sometimes we want something so badly that we are only focused on its lack. We are also forever wondering why it is not coming to us right away, especially when we have been doing everything to make things work. Perhaps the problem is trying too hard. This contributes further to your desperation.

There have been things I have been stuck at but today a huge realisation was just how much desperation I was showing. The desperation was forcing me to swim against the tide. It was making everything more labourious. The realisation is here, but now I just want God’s guidance to help me resolve this.

I read an interesting piece with many short stories about manifestation. The last story was the most striking. A woman was out in the rain to make a visit and her umbrella turned inside out as it so often happens on rainy days. She was close to the home she had to visit but she didn’t want to make her first impression with a dilapidated umbrella. So she says out aloud : God I leave this umbrella to you, I don’t know what to do with it. After a few minutes she heard a voice from behind : Miss do you need me to mend your umbrella? The author goes on to say there is always an umbrella mender nearby, we just need to leave the umbrella (situation) to God or whatever power you believe in. The lesson here is in letting go, the toughest part of wanting something for yourself. Someday I hope to master it and be at peace with whoever and whatever I am.


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