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The princess who couldn’t sleep

Remember that old story? There was this princess who couldn’t sleep. The king said whoever would be able to put her to sleep would get a grand prize and maybe even marry the princess. Many people came and tried singing lullabies, telling her stories, getting her potions etc, but no one could get her to sleep. Finally this young man came who simply rearranged her bed covers and found a pea amidst the soft cushions which was making the princess uncomfortable enough to lose sleep.

So why am I retelling this story? Since morning today, I have been getting drawn into some drama that I had thought I was long over. Its not my drama anymore, but I hadn’t counted on the fact that its manifestation even in a stranger’s life, could make me react. This could be the pea I am talking about.

But then that’s not really the case. I am not the princess here, neither am I the young man. I am that mirror in the princess’ room, the voyeur, who is just looking in. So what is the problem? Like any drama addict, I can’t seem to look away. I have to keep looking, keep analysing and try to figure things out. Only there is always something new that comes up.


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