The Leftover Pizza

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Its your own mind that puts limits on you, your own feelings of insecurity or otherwise. Its you and no one else. I have been meeting people who have been showing me how much everything is dependent on what you think of it. At some level you could say I am old enough, I should really act my age. And yet I know a lot of times I don’t, atleast not in the area of responsibility or understanding. At the same time for other things, simple things like having fun, doing something unique, I suddenly start thinking I am old, I have missed the bus. Yet, I keep seeing that there are people all around who have done things long past the so called ‘acceptable’ or ‘normal’ age or even life circumstances. So what makes them do it and why don’t I? They say its all in the mind and that’s right. Fear, sadness, love, hate its all inside you. You create your own reality by thinking about it. You make it happen even if it wasn’t going that way. Its overwhelming the first time around when you realise how much your own thinking affects you and those around you. It makes you feel even more scared. Its a huge responsibility that you have to create your own life. But know what, they say you are never given something you can’t handle.


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