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Choosing you

Been going through some of Natalie’s old posts at Baggage Reclaim and came over this one about overcoming the past. 

Sometimes when things go wrong, the first instinct is to blame if not anyone else, then atleast yourself. You sort of say if only I had done this or said that things would have been different. You go over and over the tape, but what you fail to recognise is that probably there was something wrong even before you did or said something.

People are going to be people. They might say or do things that you never expected. You might say or do things you never expected. But so what? Are you going to keep on blaming yourself for not knowing? No one can predict things, so it is all ok.

What I realised is that I had this tendency of not forgiving myself. Anything  I did was a huge mistake according to me. Oh no, I did this, I said that. Oh no, now I am never going to be forgiven. Oh no, how could I be so stupid. But the fact is, even if you are and if you have realised and shown remorse or taken some corrective measures, that is all you can do. The ball is no more in your court once you have done everything you could try. Then its about the situation and how it plays out. And however it plays out is not a measure of your character. Its not about you.


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