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You just got a magic wand. What would you do with it?

Ok this post is not my idea. It is a prompt that WordPress came up with, the moment I finished posting the previous one. I like the fact that there are these prompts. Its too cool. I chose this one because I am in the mood of some good old fashioned childish fun. So what would I do?

1. I would grow a wee bit taller lol.

2. I would do some interior decoration of my pad.

3. I would make the garden at my parents place always full of flowers.

4. I would give some sort of immunity to my family from diseases.

5. I would make some chemical change in my family and my brains so that we stayed happy no matter what.

6. I would get a magic carpet and travel the world.

7. I would get tickets for a Broadway show.

8. I would make my singing voice better.

9. I would get a great wardrobe and a house with white walls, steel and wood furniture, done up to the T in Mumbai and yes, it has to be spacious and sea facing 🙂

10. Anything else that might strike my fancy from time to time.

So what’s your list?


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