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The month’s up and some random musings about family soap opera

I had given myself a month to do my best for something. Now the month is over. Though I don’t know what all happened, I feel I have given my best shot. So now, its all up to God. I can’t say how I feel right now, the hangover is not completely gone.

Time to regroup. Was just having random conversations with people about idiotic arguments that sometimes family comes up with. It was hilarious all the madness that we inflict on each other in the name of protecting the family, really. So R and I were discussing the wildest things our families must have told us to dissuade us from doing things and surprise, surprise, seems all parents are alike.

One thing I keep telling my parents is to stop watching TV soaps, no wonder their imagination runs wild. R was telling me about how once a simple incident back when R was 13 was taken to the extreme of being thought as life threatening, what it really was just an innocent teenage prank. With me, the examples are countless. Just yesterday I got told not to help a friend with their problems because that could land me in police trouble (this when my parents didn’t even know the exact trouble my friend was in). I didn’t know at that time whether to laugh or to just tear my hair out.

Parents, they all do love us, but sometimes their protectiveness can be hilarious. Especially all the time they keep worrying about us landing up in jail or kidnapped or abused by some imaginary goons (and those of you parents reading this, I am sure you are rolling your eyes and thinking of telling me wait till you become a parent yourself, that’s the n raised to infinityeth time I have heard it so go on :-P). I know they do this because they love us, but sometimes it just makes one wonder what’s the point of living if you are forever going to be scared of living. I know that they haven’t done so many things because they were just being careful. I haven’t lived that way, I would rather feel the pain or disappointment of things not working out rather than live a life wondering what could have been.

R and I had a great time yesterday laughing about how filmy our families could get, heartening to know there are others going through the same drama. When you grow up isolated and limiting your interactions to stay safe, you limit your experiences and also limit yourself from getting the feeling of brotherhood or sisterhood. And that’s when you start taking everything seriously and because you don’t know there are others going through the same shit, you tend to feel victimised as if you are the only one. So not true. And in any case, as Bugs Bunny would say, don’t take life too seriously, no one gets out alive anyways.


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